'This is a joke, right?' ~ Tsundacean
Tsundacean is a young lobster girl who is a Water Cartoonian. She is Sailobster's daughter (and tends to bicker with him).

Appearance Edit

Tsundacean is a pink-skinned lobster with red eyes. She has short yellow antennae and a red tail tip. She is commonly seen wearing a sailor fuku (which is her favourite outfit).

Personality Edit

Tsundacean is a tsundere (clue's in the name). She tends to be a bit brash and stubborn, particularly when she bickers with her father Sailobster. However, she actually wants to earn his respect, making her a perfect example of the "Well Done, Son" Guy trope.

Trivia Edit

  • Tsundacean and Sailobster were inspired by this video which is a song about a girl arguing with her father. (Of course, I may be wrong.) ~ JustinMasterMine
  • Tsundacean is lactose intolerant.