"Yes. That was so good." ~ Sarcasmodeus
Sarcasmodeus is a powerful Shade Demon lord. He is a Cartoonian with the Demon, Shadow and Dark elements. Sarcasmodeus' most notable power is the fact that whenever he is being sarcastic, it turns into a magical attack.

Appearance Edit

Sarcasmodeus resembles a purple-skinned human with two horns facing horizontally on top of each ear. He has red hair (and he's balding) along with a moustache and beard of the same shade of red. He has bright yellow sclerae with glowing red irises. He commonly wears a black robe with red highlights that covers his legs entirely. (However, he has a severe case of athlete's foot, and anyone who sees the savagely-peeled skin on his feet will faint in fear no matter how tough they are.)

Personality Edit

Sarcasmodeus is constantly spurting out sarcastic remarks, and due to the high power he has as a demon lord, his sarcasm inherits his power. Whenever he is being sarcastic, it turns into a magical projectile that can vary in form depending on how snarky and insulting the comment was. (And yes, it hurts. I've been through that.) Sarcasmodeus can hardly be entertained, but he really likes memes on the internet.

Trivia Edit

  • Sarcasmodeus' name is obviously a pun. That's why I made him.
  • Sarcasmodeus' athlete's foot is so serious that even seeing a picture or artistic interpretation of his feet would make someone faint. It's a reference to Mary Hart syndrome.
  • He was meant to be a personification of the "Harsh Word Impact" trope.