"I was a cockfighting champion in my teens and...pffft...I said something funny, did I?" ~ Roostack
Roostack is a rooster Cartoonian. He is the husband of Hardhen and has a daughter named Chickute. He is known for participating in cockfighting in his teens and...
" said...I can't even spit it out!!" ~ Roostack laughing at a certain word

Appearance Edit

Roostack is a rooster with a tan body and brown head. He has a 20-centimetre long beak & green eyes. Roostack has a huge red comb on his head.

Personality Edit

Roostack is a skilled fighter. He is really good at fighting and he can be quite arrogant about it. However, he hates being called cute, as he gets annoyed with it. Roostack can also be quite immature at times.

Trivia Edit

  • The idea of creating Roostack came out of nowhere.
  • All of the members of Roostack's family have different iris colours; Roostack himself has green eyes, Hardhen has yellow eyes and Chickute has black eyes.