"Oh, I don't deserve ALL the fans...though if you insist, I'll take them. Hehehehe~" ~ Kumishonen
Kumishonen is a very elegant dashing Cartoonian. He is a male kumiho, and he is considered to be really attractive by females.


Kumishonen is a male kumiho who has orange skin, pointed fox ears, four short whiskers (2 on each cheek) and black hair with red highlights. He is often seen wearing a dark green shirt with a small tie. He has six tails with tan tips (due to not being an adult yet). Kumishonen's most notable feature is the swirl-shaped birthmark on his hand. His eyes are almost always half-closed due to his relaxed nature. He can also turn into his fox form, which has his colour scheme and signature smirk.


Kumishonen is usually laid-back and relaxed, often speaking in a drawling, calm voice to illustrate his slow nature. However, there are occasions where he gets angry and raises his voice, usually caused by stress. He is known for his passive ability to swoon females, making him really popular. However, he doesn't like stalkers or yanderes, especially the ones who harass him on the Toonianet. He is a vegetarian, so he does not usually feast on meat.


  • Kumishonen is Justin's favourite Cartoonian of all time.
  • He was the second Cartoonian to get a new image, Orchantis was the first.
  • Kumishonen's design has inspired several other members of his species.
  • Kumishonen was the first Cartoonian to get fanart of him; named "Oops, Wrong Room" by Lillylovesdeidara, a close friend of Justin's. It was used with permission, of course.
    First CE Fanart Ever
    • This piece of fanart was the first profile picture on Kumishonen's Twitter account.