'Why does everyone keep misusing me?!' ~ Kasarogue
Kasarogue is a kasa-obake who manifests as a yellow umbrella. He is a sensitive fellow and should not be misused.

Appearance Edit

Kasarogue is a kasa-obake (umbrella yokai) that manifests as a cycloptic yellow umbrella. He has 6 teeth, made from actual enamel. He has a long pink tongue that constantly slobbers rainwater. Sometimes, he tends to form a tulip-like shape to absorb liquids.

Personality Edit

Kasarogue is very irritable and grumpy. Sometimes, he is often picked up and treated like a regular, inanimate umbrella. Kasarogue hates it, however. He sometimes tends to wriggle out of the holder's hands or drench them with fluids that he has absorbed.

Trivia Edit