"*sigh* Here we go again." ~ Jinxummy
Jinxummy is a mummy Cartoonian who has the Undead and Ground elements. He carries an unluckiness aura wherever he goes and claims that he's "cursed with this burden for eternity". (Yep, that's what he said.)

Appearance Edit

Jinxummy is an Egyptian-style mummy whose bandages are faded and covered in dirt and dust. He has beige sclerae with really small, green irises. Upon removal of the bandages (or by seeing Jinxummy's face), his skin appears to have rotted into a brown colour. He also has a permanent black eye on the left. It does not heal, unlike any other bodily wounds, which heal after a minimum of 10 seconds.

Personality Edit

Jinxummy is always feeling depressed and believes that he's being ostracised no matter how nice people are to him. This is due to his unluckiness aura, which causes everyone around him (including himself) to be very unlucky. However, he is looking for ways to control it. Yet when he is near the Corruption Virus, the Corruption seems to move away from him due to their fears that something bad will happen, so he feels pretty grateful for that. This is why his corrupted form is able to fight back easily.

Trivia Edit

  • Jinxummy was the 13th Cartoonian to appear on the wiki. (No, the main page doesn't count.)
    • This is because 13 is said to be an unlucky number, and you pretty much get the whole unluckiness thing.
  • When one of Jinxummy's body parts fall off, they will automatically try to find their torso and assemble back together.
  • This means Jinxummy is practically immortal and cannot die. EVER.