"KRAAAAAAAAAH!! YOU CAN'T HIDE!!!" ~ Corrupted Chickute
Corrupted Chickute is the result of Chickute being infected by the Corruption Virus.


Corrupted Chickute is very different from her uncorrupted counterpart. She has a beastly-looking appearance resembling a bird of prey, only with sharp teeth and talons. Her colour scheme is similar to her uncorrupted counterpart, but her beak, fathers and blushed cheeks are darker. Chickute's eyes change a lot, from mere dots to grape-sized eyeballs that glow red.

Corruption Abilities

Corruptec Chickute has razor-sharp fangs and talons, which are perfect for ripping her prey to shreds. Her feathers have grown to irrational levels, making her fly even faster and evade smoother. She is nearly always seen flying. (At least she's not as scary as her parents' corrupted forms.) She is capable of flying like a fighter jet, emitting disgusting faeces that not only smell bad, but is laced with Corruption fluid, which can spread the virus when it touches someone's skin.


Corrupted Chickute has apparently gone insane thanks to the Corruption, therefore she loses her innocence and becomes a savage bird of prey. (After being decorrupted, she gets it back.) She does not speak like a toddler anymore, instead her voice is more screechy and raspy. She even screeches like a hawk.


  • Corrupted Chickute debuted in this project and sounds more evil than usual.
  • Corrpted Chickute's page was created when I was at school.
  • Once, Anomalycaris hijacked her page to write that "her poop was smelly". Since Anomalycaris is capable of rewriting reality, this became an actual feature. (And I approved of it because it was hilarious. Thanks!)