"Someday, I'll be as strong as my chicken parents and be awesome!" ~ Chickute
Chickute is a chick Cartoonian and the daughter of Roostack and Hardhen. She is a cute chick who wants to be awesome.

Appearance Edit

Chickute is a young chick with a vivid yellow body. Her beak and feet are a vivid shade of orange, more lush compared to the adult chickens' pale beak colours. She usually has groups of three feathers all over her (most notably her head feathers, wings and tail). She has pink blush stickers on her cheeks which have been inherited from her parents. (They had pink cheeks when they were chicks as well.) Chickute also has small beady eyes which are black in colour.

Personality Edit

Chickute behaves young and innocent, but aspires to be as good as a cockfighter as her parents are. Due to this, she tends to go around beating stuff up and getting hurt. Others feel concern towards her safety, but Chickute has her father's persistence and her mother's reluctance to quit. Also, she is a huge fan of the "Heroic Chicken Duo", Bantamuscle and Hentress. She has a small crush on their son Chickombat, but she hardly admits it to anyone.

Trivia Edit

  • Chickute debuted in this Scratch project alongside several other chicken OCs.
    • In the project, Chickute had the highest singing voice out of everyone else (due to being pitched up to cuteness levels) to sound like an actual youngster.
  • When Chickute speaks, her voice sounds like a human little girl.
  • Chickute is the first character Justin made who has black dots for eyes in comparison to eyes with sclerae or even coloured dot eyes.
    • However, her teenage and adult forms have olive green eyes.

Gallery Edit

Chickute Young Comparison
Chickute Puberty Comparison