"Get off of me, or I'm gonna hafta take action!" ~ Bombauble
Bombauble is a Christmas tree with explosive baubles. His public debut was in a Christmas special video alongside Mistlesite, Rudolaser, Hollarmony and Santasnow.

Appearance Edit

Bombauble is a Christmas tree whose main body is made from green pine leaves. All over his body, explosive red baubles grow, and he can use them as grenades. Two larger baubles contain his eyeballs, and he has light yellow sclerae and dark red irises. His arms are thin and made of bark, and he has roots which he can use for mobility.

Personality Edit

Bombauble is snarky sometimes but is mostly calm and collected. He likes to relax and make lighthearted sarcastic comments, but he hates it when others annoy him, and throws his baubles at people who won't stop (or if they anger him). Although he finds it hard to put up with Mistlesite when the latter tries to absorb his nutrients, the two remain good friends.

Human form Edit

Main article: Bombauble/Human

Names in other languages Edit

Language Name Name origin
Japanese バクリスマス Bakurisumasu 爆弾 bakudan (bomb) + クリスマス Kurisumasu (Christmas)
Korean 폭리스마스 Pogliseumaseu 폭발 pogbal (explosion) + 크리스마스 Keuliseumaseu (Christmas)
Chinese 聖彈樹 Shèngdànshù 聖誕樹 Shèngdànshù (Christmas tree) + 炸彈 zhàdàn (bomb)

Trivia Edit

  • Bombauble was created on the 25th of December (Christmas Day), and he has a Christmas theme to go with it.